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Masonic Baby Lizards

Mint on

Mar, 22

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  • Start Date:
    Mar, 22 - 08:00 PM (UTC)
  • Price:
    0.56 SOL
  • End Date:
    Mar, 23 - 08:00 PM (UTC)
  • Supply:
    1100 NFTs

About the project

The Masonic Lizard's creation date is unknown, but it is assumed they have been around for thousands of years. Due to the type of DNA they have, they most likely originate from the planet Saturn. It is believed that they came to the Solana metaverse to infiltrate and dominate all other solana species.

They grew up in a resource-depleted environment and quickly learned that intellect is one of the main life skills. They focused all their energy on finding another planet to enhabit. That's why they took a place in Solana's metaverse, being hired as interstellar intelligence agents. Their success in every mission made them one of the most powerful species in existence.