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MutantVerse Genesis

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Mar, 22

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    Mar, 22 - 04:00 PM (UTC)
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    0.12 ETH
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    Mar, 23 - 04:00 PM (UTC)
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    2282 NFTs

About the project

Aliens genes have been collected during space missions which have led to the colonisation of a planet where a friendly alien race has been included in the projects of the New Genes Corporation. These types of aliens are time travelers and their main purpose is to retrieve seeds that would contribute to restore the flora of the present world. Their focus, however, is not to interfere with the past. 

The New Genes Corporation has designed a limited number of these time travels and each of them has the capability to travel just few hours daily during his life cycle.


Mutants and Cyborgs are the only one able to participate some of the life's pleasures offered in the billionaire-s oasis. All Mutant, Cyborg and Aliens can attend the Human/MutantVerse.



Here below, briefly the current catalogue with the technical specifications of each product offered by the Mutant Cyborg Industries.