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Slow Mo Sloth Club

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Mar, 20

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  • Start Date:
    Mar, 20 - 07:00 PM (UTC)
  • Price:
    0.15 ETH
  • End Date:
    Mar, 21 - 07:00 PM (UTC)
  • Supply:
    6000 NFTs

About the project

Slow Mo Sloth Club is an NFT collection of the 1,111 most philoslothical creatures living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Join us in caring for these slow movers in today's fast-moving world. Head to our discord before it's too late to find out how to adopt your own unique sloths.

This is just the beginning. Sloths might be slow movers but have been around since the age of Pangea. It's safe to say we are here to stay.

With you, our community, we can continue to build the sanctuary and welcome more struggling creatures.

SMSC will strive to continuously create more value for our most trusted volunteers. Early adopters will be handsomely rewarded for laying the foundations of our wildlife hub.
We welcome you along for this exciting journey. It's a long haul.