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About the project

From the mind and the pen of Joe Ruiz, T.O.T.A is a collection of 8 characters that banded together to face the world they inherited; a world after "The Punch" devastated all that was and created the world that is.

2177 was supposed to be a year of continuing intellectual and technological amazement but then came "The Punch". Earth was struck by what was assumed for a hundred years to be a comet, but the devastation and the fires left nothing but questions.

The hardy few that were left behind banded together to keep the remnants of civilization alive. 8888 members from 8 tribes live and fight on, cherishing the relics of the past and the necessities of the future. Each tribe has evolved with a skillset that allows them to flourish in a world where nothing flourishes.

The new cities across the wasteland are run by individual tribes that only allow others in for trade and needed skills. Some tribes have adopted enhanced cybernetic prosthesis devices (ECP) to extend human lifespan, brain capacity, endurance and strength. Other tribes have cherished their pre-Punch heritage and rely on their wisdom, cunning, and specialized skills. Animals have evolved with the genetics of their ancestry and the intellect and enhancements that only technology can provide.

The "Waste" divides the Tribes with physical space, but the divide is much greater than physical space and appearance. Their futures are unknown but will be created... by you, for them.